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Proven cases for
EU Commerce & 
Business Acumen
At Embassy of Commerce, your sales and expansion goals are our top priority and we pride ourselves on delivering speciality tech/luxury sales techniques and proprietary solutions that deliver proven impact. 

Embassy of Commerce Distinction Luxury C

The Embassy of Commerce Difference

What sets us apart.

Multilingual Capabilities.  We conduct business in six European languages such as Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Incentive Programs.  We strategise and implement Incentive programs to nurture existing client relationships and encourage frequent bookings, turning clientele into loyal brand ambassadors.

EU Expertise.  We 20 years experience, we are well-versed in European business ethics, customers and luxury lifestyle trends.  We regularly attend high-end conventions and scout Europe's hot-spot locations.


Sales Acumen.  We bring luxury sales experience and a unique understanding of cosmopolitan clientele to your business, enabling strategic, data-driven and relationship based growth.


Industry Knowledge.  We stay ahead of industry advancements and are considered thought leaders in luxury commerce, predicting changes and developments before they occur.

Payment Protection.  We provide Third Party Account Protection to ensure any project-related funds are safeguarded for proper use.


Creative Conception.  We merge our technical abilities with our inherent creativity, delivering a complete package for our clientele that's both analytical and forward-thinking.


Elite Network.  We are well-connected in the luxury travel, lifestyle, yachting and retail-hospitality business sectors throughout Europe, enabling us to provide exclusive connections to our clients.


B2B and B2C Experience.  We offer both business-focused and clientele-focused support and are able to effectively combine the two facets to expand your commerce comprehensively, leading the way in what's becoming known as the B2P (Business to Pleasure) luxury lifestyle industry.

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