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a Smart trifecta Approach
to Sales Expansion

Our goal is to help you (1) position your business for focused sales expansion in the European marketplace, (2) delight your current client-base and (3) bring you a steady flow of new, high-prospect clientele.

We believe that all commerce expansion requires 3 fundamental components:

Client Sourcing
Client Incentives
Sales Executions

Tech-luxury businesses like yours, who cater to cosmopolitan clientele, are centered around human interaction, and the delivery of bespoke experiences. It is your clients’ trust and appreciation that ultimately begets commerce, which is why we place the utmost importance on client-centricity.


We help you connect the dots in your sales process and customer journey, and identify both unseen—and new—opportunities for growth. Bringing you multilingual ability, creativity, a luxury sales network, and a profound knowledge of EU commerce, we are uniquely positioned as the go-to company for your business expansion needs.


Our Trifecta Approach delivers proven results, and can help you find, delight, and sell to cosmopolitan clientele, positioning your business for expansive sales, and continued growth.


Zakelijke bijeenkomst

1. Client Sourcing.

Lead Generation Strategies & Prospecting.

Custom outsourcing programs centered around database leverage, brand awareness and EU white paper exposure, designed to fill . your sales pipeline with continous, high-prospect leads.

Branded Bespoke Loyalty

and Incentive Programs.

Client-centric, human-to-human interaction programs, brand experiences and travel incentives, created to enhance existing client relationships and generate new, high-profile EU prospects.

Friends celebrating Christmas or New

2. Client Incentives.

Business People Handshake Greeting Deal

3. New Sales + 
Sales Executions.

Strategic Sales Concepting

and Realization.

Creative concepting, hands-on prospecting and speciality sales project execution to address in-house or interim needs and enabling you to reach a wider EU client-base, to scale your commerce.

How our approach works.

To begin our Trifecta Approach, Dott.ssa Nathalie Jager, EU Commerce Consulting Expert and Founder of Embassy of Commerce, directly assesses your current sales strategy, and identifies the steps needed for your business to succeed in the European market.


Skilled at pinpointing opportunity, and highly experienced in high-profile Sales, Nathalie Jager configures the fastest path to EU sales expansion for your business, formulating a sales strategy to source new clientele, incentivise existing clientele, and substantially enhance your brand’s exposure in order to meet your unique sales objectives.

Following delivery of your business expansion strategy, you may select to employ Nathalie Jager and her team of highly-connected experts and bilingual sales professionals, to fast-track the implementation process for you.

High-prospect Client Sourcing, leveraging our database, going-to-field, our insider network;

Client Incentive Program formulation and implementation, to effectively retain and foster client relationships and encourage frequent sales;

Speciality Sales Development to generate a pipeline of leads, for immediate and continued growth.

To learn more about how Embassy of Commerce can assist you in expanding into the European marketplace, please contact us.

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