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 It's about your clients.
Finding, captivating them. 

Organized as tech-savvy Boutique Agency,
leveraging unique data(bases)+going-to-field 
practices for Sales, Branding & Commerce.

The luxury lifestyle is our passion. International commerce is our expertise. Together, they unite to support our mission of connecting your business with high-profile clientele, for strategic sales growth.

Founded by
Dott.ssa Nathalie

... EU Commerce Consulting Expert and highly-connected Luxury Sales Executive, Embassy of Commerce is a comprehensive solution for tech-luxury lifestyle businesses expanding into the EU market.


Highly specialized and hands-on, every project is directed by Nathalie Jager herself, who brings in her team of experts as required to cater to each client’s specific Client Sourcing, Client Incentive, and Sales Execution needs.


Embassy of Commerce is the go-to sales agency in the EU tech-luxury sector for business growth, brand awareness, and strategic sales expansion. The agency offers both consultation and implementation services, and caters to business in the luxury yachting, automotive, and retail-hospitality space, leveraging an insider network, multilingual ability, and years of sales expertise to deliver proven results.


Past clients include a wide spectrum of tech-luxury commerce companies in the yachting industry,
premier automotive industry, and retail-hospitality industry
, such as Enterprise GmbH, Feadship, BMW, Holland Casino, and Impact Real Estate.


Nathalie Jager is known for her immense passion for the luxury lifestyle industry and her extensive sales network.  She is also highly respected as a Cosmopolitan Lifestyle Creator with a parallel business that caters to luxury interior creation.

Nathalie's years of experience and sales expertise, paired with her ability to quickly pinpoint areas of opportunity for growth and then communicate and execute the expansion plan for her clients in multiple European languages; sets her agency apart.

Nick-named "The Sales Miracle", Nathalie blends her technical skillset and beta-sciences education with creativity, engaging her client's new prospects and current clientele and opening doors for her clients in the EU and beyond.

Business Expansion.

Find out how Embassy of Commerce can help you expand your business

in the EU.
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