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for strategic sales growth in the EU and beyond.

We are the tech-luxury sales experts to help you scale fast your commerce.

Bespoke, client-centric, and laser-focused on your business objectives, our boutique powerhouse agency provides Multilingual Client Sourcing, Specialty Client Incentive Programs, and Strategic Sales Prospecting to the luxury yachting, automotive, and retail-hospitality business sectors.


Embassy of Commerce is here to support you in expanding your high-profile client-base in Europe, and further afield.

Embassy Drone Luxury Technology Lifestyl

Stay on top of lifestyle trends.

We scout year-round, in Europe's hottest, 'hot spot' locations and we have some secrets to keep you on top.


working with...

Embassy of Commerce is proud to work with some of the world's biggest brands and a range of clients from across the globe.

Tech-Luxury Sales Services.

From finding prospective clients to rewarding existing clients and further growing your client base; Embassy of Commerce can help you achieve your ambitions and goals.

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Client Sourcing.

Lead Generation Strategy and Prospecting.

Client Incentives.

Bespoke Loyalty

and Incentive Programs.


Sales Execution.

Strategic Sales Concepting

and Realization.


Our secrets help to raise sales and commerce.